Helitours is the commercial air arm of the Air Force which was inaugurated in 1972. Helitours is a established as a company under the companies act. For public resources the relevant disbursements are credited to the public coffers and a percentage of the proceeds are channeled to foster welfare/rehabilitation of Air Force personnel. This is another project that nurtures the nation building partnership of the government’s post-conflict tourism promotion initiatives connecting the North/East in the government’s overall development strategy of development of an aviation hub in Sri Lanka.

Helitours utilizes turbine engine aircraft for touring that has proven to be trouble free. Furthermore, all the aircraft are equipped with twin-engines which further guarantee added safety to passengers. The Helicopter and fixed wing aircraft facilities meet the highest standards in the commercial tour industry in Sri Lanka. Our aircraft fleet is maintained by certified engineers and technicians who have been trained and developed up to the Original Equipment Manufacture’s (OEM’s) standard. Aircraft are flown by well trained, experienced pilots who have proven safety records in the theaters of war.

Helitours is compliant with civil aviation regulations applicable to a civil airline operator and has been issued an Air operating Certificate (AOC) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL). Helitours is not only compliance with the mandatory requirement of insuring passengers but, is also subject to periodic audits by the CAASL and has been certified for off-shore operations on successful completion of safety audits which meet the stringent guidelines stipulated by the Oil and Gas Producers (OGP) organization.